How to send files, documents, photos via Gmail

How to send files, documents, photos with Gmail. You can send files and documents through Gmail with a maximum capacity up to 15 GB. Try now! With email service, you can send documents to friends and colleagues quickly. Of course, this functionality is available on Gmail. Note: If it’s a directory, you have to compress […]

How to Block Ads in Gmail Inbox

Currently, Google has launched the ads directly into the new Gmail Inbox. These ads are very tricky because they are mixed with your inbox and look like a regular email. The Promotions tab contains emails from places like department stores and other marketers that you have signed up for. In the Gmail Inbox, there are […]

How to recover your Gmail password?

How to recover your Gmail password 2

If you forget your password Gmail, Google offers several options to recover . If you have assigned a phone number or alternate email address to your account, Google can quickly reset the password. If you do not have alternative mail, Google can try to verify your identity and reclaim your account; for your password in […]

How to enable auto reply in Gmail

How to enable auto responder for Gmail. You want Gmail to automatically notify the sender of the message that you received an email from them. >> How to create Gmail: Create New Gmail Account You use Gmail and regularly receive emails from important people (customers, partners …). You want every time you receive an email from […]

How to change your Gmail profile picture

change your Gmail profile picture 4

You’re feeling bored with the current Gmail avatar, you can choose a photo other to set as your Gmail picture. Change your Gmail picture COMPUTER PHONE & TABLET STEP 1: First, you need to sign in to Gmail account. STEP 2: In the top right, click the gear icon ⚙Settings. STEP 3: In the “My Picture” section, click Change […]